Steal My Sales Funnel v2

Run Your Own Profitable, High-Converting Coaching Program

Hey, Kevin Strong here.

Just as a second reminder, this will not be up for long.

In our humble (but always accurate) opinion, this is the holy grail of sales funnels and after months of vigorously testing, those who get access to it will see exactly what I mean.

So what’s Steal My Funnel v2 all about?

Great question.

The short answer is it’s designed to make you an authority figure in this market, build a ultra-responsive list and make a good deal of money in the process.

Steal My Funnel v2 was crafted around the most fundamental, yet lucrative and easiest way to make money online. If you’ve been around for a while, you know exactly what I mean.

Here’s how it goes:

  • Build a quality list.
  • Establish trust & credibility.
  • Give outstanding value.
  • Make money recommending products.

… it’s the good ‘ol “guru” formula to turn your list into a full-time income.

Does it get much easier? Well, no, it doesn’t. But it’s tricky –

How do I build a quality list of people who aren’t tire kickers?

How do I establish credibility with them so that they trust me?

What does “giving value” actually mean?

How do I keep them interested in my emails and continue to open them and engage?

How do I promote offers without upsetting them or coming across as spamming?

Not knowing how to do this is the very reason most people struggle to make any money with their lists…

So what we’ve put together in this funnel, quite literally, does it all for you!

Here’s how it works:

Our v2 sales funnel is you running a premium, yet free, coaching program.

This funnel sends your subscribers through an intensive, email based coaching program teaching them the ins and outs of list building, while allowing you to make money from affiliate products scattered throughout the training.

Why free, you ask?

Another great question.

This coaching series alone could easily be sold, all day long…

By offering it for free, not only do you building credibility with your newly acquired list, you’re giving them excellent value and training which in turn makes them more comfortable and willing to purchase the resources through your affiliate links.

This funnel also only attract those who are genuinely serious about building a real online business, so conversion rates through affiliate links are sky high. (based on actual tests)

Now before you get nervous, don’t – all of the “coaching” has already been done, tested and drawn out for you.

… not only that, it’ll all be automated by your autoresponder – leaving very little work on your part.

It seriously doesn’t get more “push-button” than this…

Here’s what you’re getting:

High converting student sign-up page:


This cleverly disguised “squeeze page” is where you will be sending your traffic to collect the email addresses of your students.

This page converts quality leads from all traffic sources… From solo ads, cold traffic, broadcast from your existing lists, social media – you name it!

Although you’re offering the training for free, this page is designed not to attract freebie seekers and only lures those who actually want to spend money and take the necessary steps to be successful with your training.

“I’m ready right now” OTO / Thank you Page:


When running our tests we noticed some people would much rather get all of their coaching at once, rather than go through an email series.

We came up with the idea to promote a similar coaching product on Clickbank for those who are in a rush to get started and it converts extremely well!

This product is golden, priced reasonably and the training is top-notch by a well-respected marketer.

This page also quickly makes back investments if you’re using paid traffic such as solo ads.

2-Week, Email Coaching Material:

Lesson 1 : Getting Started With List Building

Lesson 2 : Creating Your “Money Magnet”

Lesson 3 : Creating Your Money Magnet Part 2

Lesson 4 : Crafting The Perfect Giveaway Report

Lesson 5 : How to Quickly Create Your Giveaway Report

Lesson 6 : Setting up your sales funnel

Lesson 7 : Creating A High Converting Squeeze Page

Lesson 8 : Configuring Your Autoresponder

Lesson 9 : Structuring Your Download Page

Lesson 10 : Making Money With OTOs

Lesson 11 : Driving traffic to your squeeze page (Part 1)

Lesson 12 : Driving traffic to your squeeze page (Part 2)

Lesson 13 : Monetizing Your List For Push Button Profits

Lesson 14 : How To Earn $1.00 Per Subscriber Per Month

This is literally going to do all your work for you.

Written by one of the best marketers and teachers in the industry, this email series walks your students through everything they need to know run a successful and profitable sales funnel in a way that they’ll LOVE you for!

From how to create a high converting squeeze page, properly configuring an autoresponder, best ways to offer OTOs, easy traffic generation techniques, etc – everything your students need to know is covered in this training.

Your only job is to load the material into your own autoresponder and let it go to work!

= Money lessons, meaning they contain affiliate links.

How will I make money?

This will probably be the easiest money you’d make online.

We’ve tested this funnel to death and every element of it is structured around massive success for both your students and YOUR bank account!

Your money will be made in 3 ways:

  • The “I’m ready now OTO” page (converts pretty nicely)
  • Recommended clickbank products throughout the training series.
  • Recommended tools and services: Autoresponder, hosting, domain, etc. You will be affiliated with these providers.

The beauty about this funnel is, unlike most email training programs, it’s not heavily spammed with affiliate links – they take away from the training if you overuse them.

The goal is to teach, give excellent value to your students, and make money from your recommendations… and this funnel does that with perfection!

As always, we’ve left absolutely nothing for you to have to figure out on your own – everything is tested for high conversions right out of the box.

Not only will you build an extremely high quality and responsive list, you’ll make some easy money in the process.

We’ll teach you how to set it all up on the other side 🙂

Price $47

24 Hour Special: $27

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. No questions asked.

Take my advice and grab this one while it’s available.

See ya in the members area,

PS: 47 bucks is embarrassingly cheap – 1 Hostgator affiliate sale alone makes that back and then some.

If we were to price this funnel based on the research and time it took us to test and develop this thing, you’d be paying no less than a couple grand (literally).

This is a steal and definitely won’t be available, or priced this low, for long – jump on it while you can!

Frequently asked questions:

[+] Any upsales?

Ironically, no. Everything you need is included in the main product.

[+] Am I really qualified to coach?


Regardless if you know anything about sales funnels or not, the training emails will do all of the “coaching” for you.

There will be very little interaction on your part. Just sit back and let the emails do all the work.

You will also have direct access to my and my staff if you ever need any help – we got your back.

[+] What kind of traffic converts the best for this funnel?

Our best converting traffic has been through solo ads. However, any internet marketing related traffic will work just fine.

[+] Will your squeeze page work with any autoresponder?

Yes, indeed. All you will need is the form code from your particular autoresponder.

[+] Can I edit the training series?

We don’t recommend it (besides the affiliate links, which need to be edited) but you’re more than welcomed to edit the emails in the series

Steal My Sales Funnel v2

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